Puppy Training

Bringing a new puppy home can be an exciting time for any family. However, it’s important to remember that puppies require time, patience, and training to develop into a well-behaved, happy dog. At Kandid K9 Dog Training, we offer a comprehensive puppy training program that will help you and your furry friend build a lasting relationship and set you up for success.

Our program is tailored to your puppy’s individual needs, and we focus on teaching basic obedience commands like sit, stay, come, and leash walking. We also address common nuisance behaviors like potty accidents, biting, chewing, barking, and jumping to ensure that your puppy knows how to behave in any situation.


Our training not only helps your puppy learn quickly, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend. By establishing a strong foundation of good behavior and positive reinforcement, you can enjoy a great puppy for their entire life.


Here is a list of common puppy challenges/goals that we cover:

  • Housebreaking/Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Chewing and Destructive Behaviors
  • Jumping on People
  • Mouthing and Biting
  • Leash Training and Loose Leash Walking
  • Basic Obedience Training (Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Leave It, Drop It)
  • Socialization with People and Other Animals
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Excessive Barking
  • Fear and Shyness
  • Resource Guarding
  • Begging for Food
  • Counter Surfing
  • Bolting Out the Door

We realize that every puppy is unique, and some may have specific challenges that are not listed here. It’s important to tailor your training approach and program to your individual puppy’s needs and personality. Let Kandid K9 Dog Training help you and your puppy succeed. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and set your puppy up for a lifetime of success!

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