Canine Campers Pricing

What sets us apart from the rest…

  • We can come to you. Avoid the traffic of North San Diego County. Our trainer can meet with you in the convenience of your own home and even pick your dog up for you, and drop them off when they are done!
  • Your dogs will stay with us in our home to work on their training 24/7, giving them the best possible foundation in all their newly learned behaviors.
  • We work on training in real-life settings, and incorporate down time, puppy-play time, and long walks into our training day! Our Canine Campers Program is where we can provide you with the most reliable training that is obtainable with your dog.

18 Day Canine Campers Program



Our Canine Camper program offers 18 days of boarding and training in a home environment. During this time, your dog will learn essential commands such as come, sit, down, place (bed stay), and with me (heel). We also focus on improving communication with cues for quiet and off (no jumping), along with other house training disciplines.


Training Focus

  • Reliable performance of commands: come, sit, down, place (bed stay), and with me (heel).
  • Reliable performance of commands: come, sit, down, place (bed stay), and with me (heel).
  • Integration of other house training disciplines into daily routines.

Post-Camp Follow-up

Go-Home Lesson
  • Duration: 1.5 hours.
  • Involves the family to discuss effective communication techniques to maintain learned behaviors. 
Follow-up Lessons:
  • Conducted consecutively in the evenings post-return home to monitor progress and prevent regression.

Graduation to Group Class

  • Enrollment: Upon completion of the Canine Camper program.
  • Class Schedule: Thursdays (afternoon) and Saturday mornings.
  • Structure: Drop-in basis with approximately 8 classes per month.
  • Focus: Designed for fully trained dogs with controlled environments and distractions.
  • No Playgroups: Ensures focused training without nose-to-nose greetings, utilizing novice handlers as controlled distractions.

Financial Details

  • Package Cost: $2600.
  • Deposit: $600 non-refundable deposit required to secure the slot.
  • Remaining Balance: $2000 due before your dog’s return home

Client Updates

  • Frequency: Photos/videos shared on Thursdays and Mondays.
  • Content: Updates include progress reports on learned behaviors and upcoming training objectives for the dog.

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